Smash and Grab!

Smash and Grab!

Woop! Nothing like the scent of a few awards waggled under your nose to make you work harder! Amirite?

Italic Pig were planning on attending Game Connection at the end of this month anyway, because it’s a damn fine conference, but little did we know we’d be going there with an awards booth and a sack of nominations! The 2016 Development Award Nominees have just been released, and Mona Lisa is up for a whopping five prizes:

  • Best Indie Game
  • Best Casual Game
  • Best Story/Storytelling
  • Best Quality of Art
  • Most Original/Creative IP

Insane! Actually, it’s perfectly sane. It’s a spectacular idea, and it’s looking gorgeous if I do say so myself.

It’s amazing to have people talking so excitedly about Mona Lisa even in these (cough) early stages of development. These awards came on the back of me scrambling around looking for any semi-polished footage on my drive, coupled with a few minutes of me shouting into a laptop built-in microphone in a couch cushion fort-baffle, and some judicious editing. Boom. Five noms.

Italic Pig will be at Game Connection/Paris Games Week at the end of October, with a few iPads to show off as much gameplay as we can muster up for the drooling masses.

If you’re going to be there, drop by for a squizz. If not, wish us luck!

(And if you’re really nice, I’ll let you sniff the trophies when I get home.)

View an exclusive teaser for the game.


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