Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci's greatest creation is Renaissance Italy's greatest art thief.
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Mona Lisa is an artistic new adventure in development that combines stealth-platforming with speed-painting. Mona Lisa steals masterpieces from 16th century strongholds. When Mona locates her target, she speed-paints a forgery of the masterpiece mid-heist to fool the guards; the better the forgery, the easier the escape. Oh, did I mention? Mona's a Renaissance robot. Lara Croft meets Inspector Gadget with a twist of pre-steampunk. Sweet. I’m aiming for an over-the-top mashup of Dan Brown, Terry Pratchett and pre-steampunk. Hey, nobody ever got anywhere by thinking medium, right?

Mona Lisa is funded in part by Creative Europe’s MEDIA sub-programme.and Northern Ireland Screen.   

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