Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci's greatest creation is Renaissance Italy's greatest art thief.
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Who is Mona Lisa?

When Leonardo speaks of Mona Lisa as his greatest creation, he's not talking about the painting... he's actually talking about the girl.

Mona Lisa happens to be a sleek and graceful robot built by Leonardo da Vinci, specifically for the purposes of art thievery and art forgery.

The player takes on the role of the mysterious Mona Lisa, sneaking into the studios of the other great masters using Leo's arsenal of gedgetry, locating precious works of art, and swapping them out with slapdash forgeries created by the player during the robbery in under two minutes.

Mona Lisa is a casual freemium heist and forgery adventure for mobiles and tablets, created with a gorgeous springpunk art style, set in Renaissance Italy.

Sneak Preview of Gameplay Trailer!

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Mona Lisa is funded in part by Creative Europe’s MEDIA sub-programme.and Northern Ireland Screen.