The Mulbury Project

Created by inlifesize with writing and story support by italic Pig.
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From writers Martin Brennan & Micheal B. Jackson (Hitman: Absolution), and Italic Pig supporting writer Kevin Beimers (Telltales Hector) comes The Mulbury Project...

It is the year 2064. Earth, is recovering from its third world war- the war for Earth. An alien invasion has been turned back through human bravery, savagery and cunning. Most of the world has been left devastated. Every major city- reduced to lawless rubble.

The worst thing resulting from the war is a virus left by the aliens that has infected hundreds of thousands of humans. The virus was a last ditch effort by the aliens to eliminate the human species which it says is a threat to the universe. The virus spreads by touch. It melts skin and bone transforming humans into horrible monsters, taking over the mind as it consumes the body and brain. It seeks only to infect others because that's how it feeds. That's how it reproduces. This is the only world that 12 year old Robbie knows.